Blog 5 Reasons for Living in a Master-planned Community Has A Lot of UpsideThere are a number of communities undergoing master planned redevelopment in Downtown Toronto, from pre-existing neighbourhoods such as Regent Park and Alexander Park, to newly created neighbourhoods like West Don Lands, Canary District and Bayside. There are many benefits in buying, living and investing in a master planned community.2019-02-28T17:31:00Za9983cd7-7530-49be-b776-df2446bbe9c1 Much Do Sellers Pay For Closing Costs When Selling A Toronto Condo?The cost of selling your Toronto condo is not just based on the purchase price on the offer. If you are selling, you would want to get a snapshot of all the related closing fees to work out your net proceeds from the sale.2019-01-25T17:22:00Zc38edd22-615b-42d9-818d-ed8ec21f3ea1 of Lease by LandlordThe Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) have laid out a set of rules landlords and tenants must abide by. Depending on the reasons for eviction, the time frame for giving notice for tenants to leave can vary. There are two types of evictions: for cause and no fault. 2019-01-06T04:08:00Zc9244807-ea15-45a7-afa9-3aba5328c090 Important Facts About Buying Pre-Construction Condo in Ontario In Toronto’s market, securing real estate early by buying pre-construction can sometimes prove to be more financially beneficial than buying resale. This can sometimes be described as speculative buying. Speculative buying is considered high-risk but potentially high reward. 2019-01-06T02:41:00Za207fc6c-8f32-4103-b32d-01b98e43e23a are chattels and fixtures when buying and selling a property?First time buyers and sellers often get confused on the definition of fixtures and chattels. Fixtures are usually included with the purchase price and chattels are separate. 2019-01-06T01:50:00Z