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25 January 2019
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Photo: Wallace Station Loft

The cost of selling your Toronto condo is not just based on the purchase price on the offer. If you are selling, you would want to get a snapshot of all the related closing fees to work out your net proceeds from the sale. 



If you are selling and has a mortgage on your property, you will be subject to a mortgage discharge fee. The fee charged by each lender can vary. If you will be making pre-payments before the mortgage term matures, you could be subject to the a mortgage penalty. Ask your mortgage broker or your mortgagee for details before you list your property.


The legal fees for a property is again based on the selling price of the property. It can range from $800-$1500 plus HST and disbursements. 


When you sell a condo in Toronto, the typical commission is 5% of the selling price+HST for the services of the buying and selling brokerages. This cost will come from the proceeds of the sale at closing processed by your lawyer.


You will still have the final month utility bill to clear after closing. You should notify your utility company and arrange for the a meter reading on closing day.

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